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CapeTown Sound: …We’re getting WICKED!

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E D I T H ….we’re getting down and getting WICKED! …EDITH’s ‘Love Is Wicked’ is tearing up the airwaves – having kicked off on KFM in CT, it is now spreading it’s wickedness around the country. Everyone who hears – and SEES EDITH – is struck Wicked! This girl is beautiful – and seriously hot! Cool, if you know what we mean … Her debut CD ‘WICKED!’ will hit the stores very soon now – it’s currently in production at the factory. Ten blistering tracks await you …and her version of the classic-oldie ‘Come On A My House’ with brand new hip-hop outfit 44 is destined for the world charts! No doubt about it. Edith has arrived, South Africa get ready …

C H A R L  S T O N E …our new Afrikaans/English singing star is also about to be unleashed. His first English track “Believe Again’ is great pop – at it’s very best! The song was co-written by Ron Keating, and is so strong. Equally cooking is CHARL’s first Afrikaans outing, the dance-floor smash, ‘En Sy Se’. If the whole of South Africa (and Oz, NZ, Ldn, etc …) are not singing this by Christmas, we’ll return our coriander-spiced boerewors!

Chad Saaiman

Chad Saaiman

C H A D  S A A I M A N …sexy, handsome young CHAD has just stripped (partially, he assures us!) for a calends shoot of SA’s Sexiest Men. Meanwhile, he just gets hotter on the airwaves …’Seeing Stars’ is around the country, following hot-on-the-heels of ‘Moving On’- and now HEART 104.9 in Cape Town have added the incredibly catchy ‘Won’t Change’…sparing another run on CHAD. He is currently in the CapeTown Sound studios with his group, cutting brand new tracks for his ‘RePackaged’ CD – due soon …

ALSO on the AIRWAVES …Thabo Mdluli’s ‘Slow Down’ (produced by Dr Victor, and written by Patric van Blerk & Natasha Simonne) ….’Bounce!’ by Déjà vu (Southern Buzz) ….PAUL PETERSEN’s ‘Come Closer’ – an English interpretation of RINGO’s massive hit ‘Sondela’….’Call Off the Search’ by LLOYD JANSEN (Stereotype) …..BYRON CLARKE’s …’In the Grey’ (Stereotype) ….JESSICA DUDLEY’s ‘Opportunity’ (on Christian stations) …DJ KEITH’s ” I Want You Back’ ….

NEW ALBUMS COMING SOON :…. PAUL PETERSEN (cool jazz/pop classics …) …new ‘SA PARTY’ COMPILATION ….new ‘HEART 104.9’ compilation ….new ‘DJ KEITH’ ….


The lost art of ….’LANGARM!’….like good carpentry and masonry.

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SON: LANGARM (CTS 5043) – CapeTown Sound (via IRIS) – Compilation – Various Artists

Son: Langarm

Son: Langarm

Die SON newspaper has initiated a series of LANGARM functions – and this has mushroomed into a magnificent 2-CD collection of the finest examples of this genre – certainly a dying art-form, much like master carpentry and masonry.

Once upon a time, the Cape was rocked at least annually by a major Langarm hit – much to the mystification of the rest of the country …who have never really caught on to the magic of this unique form of pleasure. Therefore, Die SON’s initiative sparked an exciting return to this happy, happy – and sad – music.

Gathered together on the 2-CD compilation are some of the giants of Langarm – many no longer with us – Jimmy’s Grand Six and The Bobby Hendricks Sound – being the champions, along with the exotically-named Les Swingers, Alpha Rhythms. Les Versatiles, Danny’s Rhythm Combo, Strand Combo, The Royal Sounds, Sally’s Dance Band, 10% Dance Band, Kapityt – and many, many more.

Song titles include solid-gold repertoire – songs such as Patricia, When Will I See You Again, Candle In the Wind and Misty live happily alongside Die Alabama, Januarie Februarie, Hasie and Mama Thembu’s Wedding. Ek se!

And – what would Langarm be without Nuwe Jaar!? So, at the tail-end of the 2nd CD we find Nuwejaarsdag Tango following a delightfully joyful Christmas in Cape Town by the NAC Children’s Choir.

Medleys, Sambas, Vastrap, Quick Step, Waltz , Foxtrot and Keurspel – they’re all there!

The famous ‘Gat Party’s” of the Western Cape never let an evening go by without a very healthy dose of Langarm – and there is no doubt that this economically-priced 44 song collection will set many feet tapping at all kinds of parties and gatherings between now and the sobriety of the second week on January 2010.

CD 1

1. Patricia (Vastrap)       THE BOBBY HENDRICKS SOUND

2. When Will I See You Again       JIMMY’S GRAND SIX

3. Lagunya / Mama Thembu’s Wedding (Medley)    STRAND COMBO
* Lagunya
* Mama Thembu’s Wedding

4. Hot-Hot (Vastrap)       THE SWINGERS

5. Tie A Yellow Ribbon       ALPHA RHYTHMS

6. Cabaret (Quick Step)       LES VERSATILES

7. I’ll be missing you       DANNY’S RHYTHM COMBO

8. My Way         KAPITYT

9. Enjoy Yourself (Medley)       NERINA BRASS

* Enjoy Yourself
* Die Witbroek
* Sousboontjies
* Loslappie

10. Venus (Samba)        THE KINSMEN

11. Rangers (Waltz)       ALPHA RHYTHMS

12. If You Wanna Be Happy       KAPITYT

13. Candle In The Wind       DANNY’S RHYTHM COMBO

14. Anything Goes        LES VERSATILES

15. When I Fall In Love / Misty / Crazy (Blues Medley)   STRAND COMBO

* When I Fall In Love
* Misty
* Crazy

16. Personality        JIMMY’S GRAND SIX

17. Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Quickstep)     THE DALLAS DANCE BAND

18. I Do I Do I Do        JIMMY’S GRAND SIX

19. Am I Losing You / Adios Amigo (Waltz Medley)    THE BOBBY HENDRICKS SOUND

* Am I Losing You
* Adios Amigo

20. Sentimental Reasons       LES VERSATILES

21. Tea for Two        ALPHA RHYTHMS

22. I Could Have Danced All Night (Quickstep)    THE ROYAL SOUNDS

CD 2

1. Die Alabama (Medley)       JIMMY’S GRAND SIX
* Januarie Februarie
* Daar Kom Die Alabama
* Boegoe Berg Se Dam

2. I Wanna Wake Up With You       KAPITYT

3. Auf Wiedersehn        DANNY’S RHYTHM COMBO

4. The Nearness Of You (Foxtrot)      STRAND COMBO

5. We’ll Meet Again / A Certain Smile / Waar Is Jy? (Foxtrot Medley)  THE REGENTS

* We’ll Meet Again
* A Certain Smile
* Waar Is Jy?

6. Moppie Medley        SIR EDWARD PETERSEN

7. Amor (Samba)        LES VERSATILES

8. All I Ask Of You        STRAND COMBO

9. Dance With My Father        KAPITYT

10. Smile         LES VERSATILES

11. All By Myself        DANNY’S RHYTHM COMBO

12. Speak Softly Love       ALPHA RHYTHMS

13. Blue Moon        10% DANCE BAND

14. My Heart Will Go On (Foxtrot)      STRAND COMBO

15. Spanish Eyes        JIMMY’S GRAND SIX

16. We’ll Gather Lilacs       ALPHA RHYTHMS

17. Delilah         JIMMY’S GRAND SIX

18. Hasie (Keurspel)       NERINA BRASS

* Hasie
* Mashubella

19. Tulips From Amsterdam       ALPHA RHYTHMS

20. White Christmas (Foxtrot)      THE DALLAS DANCE BAND

21. Christmas In Cape Town      NAC CHRISTMAS CHOIR

22. Nuwejaarsdag (Tango)       SALLY’S DANCE BAND

Available to download at

CapeTown Sound – The SOUND of A NEW SOUTH AFRICA

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Red-hot, gorgeous young diva! ….coming full-steam with a sizzling debut album entitled “WICKED!”. Her second radio track, “Love Is Wicked” is tearing it up at radio stations nationally – and it is rumoured she will be opening certain gigs for RODRIGUEZ on his up-coming SA tour dates …PLUS – her version of the classic ‘Come On A My House’ (with hip-hop outfit ‘44′) is …awesome!


New Afrikaans singing star (with tracks in both Afrikaans & English) unleashes a double-barrelled opening with ‘Believe Again’ in English and ‘En Sy Se’ in Afrikaans from his debut CD… ”n Nuwe Geur’…a new flavour, indeed …


…Musical maestro from the legendary jazz masters SPIRITS REJOICE, returns with an eclectic collection of the most beautiful pop/jazz tunes – both new renditions of classics – plus new original compositions …Wait till you hear ‘Come Closer’ – the English version of Ringo’s legendary hit ‘Sondela’ – and Paul’s magnificent ‘I Only Have Eyes For you’….and his brand new ‘She’s Mine!”.

COMING … NATASHA SIMONNE, YOUNG GIFTED & BLACK, 44, The CITY, NOVA, …Nigerian trumpeter NATHANIEL BASSEY, the return of DAWNAY, and a multi-Gold & Platinum Act – TBA!

The CTS songwriting team led by Patric van Blerk & Natasha Simonne have penned brand-new product for breaking acts AXENE, EDITH, and CHARL STONE – as well as collaborated with hitmakers PAUL PETERSEN, THABO MDLULI, DAWNAY and Dr VICTOR


40 Queens Park Road

Woodstock 7925

Tel/fax +27 21 447 1937

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