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CapeTown Sound Media Release

January 24, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

EDITH: We’re doing some fantastic new tracks with her …and this is going to be her year – for sure! Going to radio this week is her next single, entitled “GIMME GIMME” (written by our Natasha Simonne) – and it’s a smash! Created between CTS in CT and Audiolab in JHB – and three top producers …this is a killer! …5FM – if you don’t play this, we’re gonna send Ju-Ju Malema to check you out … EDITH Rules!

CHARL STONE: We’ve re-mastered his highly-underrated “BELIEVE AGAIN” (co-written by Ronan Keating) …all good radio stations should be playing this monster. 94.7 and KFM and East Coast Radio – are you listening …really listening!? Xxx Meanwhile CHARL continues to grow at Afrikaans radio with “EN SY SE”, “PARTY BY DIE SEE”, “HOU DAAI TYRES OP DIE PAD” – and the stupendously beautiful “AS ONS VERGEET”…South Africa, …you’re about to get very STONED!

THE SOUND OF SOUTH AFRICA: “WELCOME TO SOUTH AFRICA!” – this has just gone out to radio …and we believe it will develop into one of the anthems of the rear of 2010 – although it makes no mention at all of 2010, Soccer, Fifa – or anything like that. …It is just simply a rousing, joyous celebration of South Africa – and a warm, happy welcome to visitors from everywhere else on the planet. Lekker.

Be Happy, Joyous & Free!

Kind regards,

Patric van Blerk

40 Queens Park Road

Woodstock 7925

Tel/fax +27 21 447 1937

Cell 082 899 2525


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