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CHARL STONE – ‘n Nuwe Geur’

February 20, 2010 Leave a comment

AFRIKAANS Pop/Rock – CHARL STONE – ‘n Nuwe Geur!

New Afrikaans pop/rock singing sensation has just released his debut CD – “‘n Nuwe Geur”

TV DEBUT – ‘Dis Hoe Dit Is Met Steve’ – 14th May 2010 – KYKNET = performing hit single ‘En Sy Se’

TV CHART – No.4 on KYKNET music chart – ‘En Sy Se’

SABC 3 has just added his music video of ‘EN SY SE’

Afrikaans radio stations around the country are also adding the powerful, emotional ballad ‘AS ONS VERGEET’.

CHARL STONE is now on the following radio stations Radio Rippel, Radio Laeveld, Radio Kragbron, Radio Platerand, IFM, 90.6FM Stereo, Radio Pretoria, Oos Rand Stereo, EDEN FM, Rhodes FM,

HEART 104.9, Bush Radio, ACK Radio, Radio KC.

CHARL STONE – “’n Nuwe Geur” – (Label: CapeTown Sound, CTS 5029; Distribution IRIS, Tel 011 348 8500)

40 Queens Park Road

Woodstock 7925

Tel/fax +27 21 447 1937

Cell 082 899 2525

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