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Annelien – Uit my Hart

Capetown Sound is proud to introduce Annelien as a new artist to the South African music industry.

Annelien’s Afrikaans debut Album, ‘Uit my Hart’, includes 12 original tracks, of which she wrote all the music and lyrics. This singer/songwriter has an exceptional way with words and her use of the Afrikaans language is poetic and original. This is especially evident in the song ‘Woorde’ and the emotional ‘Praat met ‘n Engel’.

The sound of the album is quite unique as Annelien make use of traditional “boeremusiek” instruments like the concertina and accordion, mixed with ultra modern pop beats. Some of the songs have a more classical feel , like ‘Heroldsbaai se Strand’ and some are modern dance tracks like ‘Alles vir My’ and ‘Speel vir my ‘n liedjie’. The song ‘Tussen liefde en haat’ has a blues-rock vibe with tongue-in-the-cheek lyrics and energetic guitars. ‘Doodloopstraat’ has a more acoustic and natural sound with a warm voice.

What makes Annelien’s music even more exceptional is the fact that she suffers from a hearing impairment and has to rely on modern hearing aids with a specially designed music program, whenever she is recording or performing. She would like to support Musica’s , “Deaf awareness weak” , and wants to encourage people with hearing problems to make use of hearing aids as it has changed her life and her music.

Read more about this talented singer/songwriter on her website at www.annelienmusic.com or contact Patric van Blerk at Capetown Sound.

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  1. Martyn
    June 19, 2010 at 12:25 pm

    It would be interested to actually see her hearing aids!

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