New from CapeTown Sound

January 31, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Breaking ….heat-seeking …hot-tip ….PROTOSTAR with “Fading” – this duo from Durbs is cooler than Durban Poison! Could they be ….‘the next big thang!?’ …listen out on all stations for Siya & Calvin …our ‘varsity boyz!


Once upon a time the wild, crazy Cab Calloway had a smasheroo with “Minnie The Moocher” ….hear what St. Emmo Presenting THREE TONS OF FUN ft. Protostar have done with it ….now it’s called ‘HI-DI-HO’ (Minnie The Moocher).

Brand new & outta the blue! MICHAELA – 14 years old – is blowing socks off everyehere with “SUPERSTAR” – irresistible, contagious, catchy – in fact – A Hit!

EDITH delivers her best-ever work with a magnificent performance and production of “BELLY-UP”. If this is not a monster – someone should swing from the chandeliers. So-ooo Good ~

Hoo-Boy! ….”LIKE A HOBO” is gonna get you …luv it, hate it, u can’t ignore it – it’s hot, it’s addictive ….Paul Edward Petersen – and some very fine vocals and acoustic guitar work. Classy ~

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