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Hot, Hip ‘n Happening! – Brand New!


Story behind “Pull the Cow out of the Mud”

“Pull the cow out of the mud” …. pretty much says what it means : let’s make some changes; let’s get it right – for a change. A group of musical misfits gathered around the idea of saying something different – in song – not party-political; not people-bashing, no personality cults – just a message that we needed the courage to change things … Headlines abound concerning an ever-increasing army of disaffected youth in SA – discounted, anxious, angry – and unemployed. Equally, the news is filled with never-ending corruption, theft of public money, flouting of laws – and deception of the public. As the old Hollywood movie said : ‘Something’s Gotta Give!’. Before that happens, let a concerted effort happen to pull the cow out of the mud. Let us save this young democracy – for everyone – especially the young in this country. As countries to the north burn at the hands of the disillusioned and disappointed, we have an opportunity to deliver victory from the jaws of defeat – another South African miracle: Let’s pull the cow out of the mud …

Video & Animation for “Pull the Cow out of the Mud”

Music Video:


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