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Immediate Press Release / Onmiddellike Persverklaring

November 8, 2013

‘Pull the Cow Our of the Mud’ – SERGIO (ft. Kim Brown)

Composed by JB/Sello Ledwaba/Paul Petersen)

Produced by Sergio & Paul Petersen at CTS Studios in Woodstock, Cape Town, South Africa

Mixed by Justin de Nobrega

Executive Producer – Patric van Blerk

This song could be called a ‘modern-day protest-song’ – written & performed in South Africa – for South Africa..

Written by 3 very different people – of different ages, colours & creeds – and produced by 3 other different people – finally being mixed by Justin de Nobrega of Die Antwoord – and given voice by newbie SERGIO – this song makes a very powerful musical statement as well as social commentary about our country today.

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